R & D History


[Research project]

Automobile interior coloring agent.

Wooden pattern for PVC Sash Color Chip.

Colorants and surface treatmet agents for autonotive dashboards.



[Research project]

Ink for Steel Design Color.

Fashion Deco Sheet Surface coating Agent.

Color Chip for PMMA.

Colorant for Marble Sash.

Ink for Industrial Marking.



[Research project]

Light diffusion ink.

High weatherability ink.

Color light diffusion ink.



[Research project]

Automobile interior surface coating agent

Flam retardant for PVC

UV coating Agent



[Research project]

Water-based coating for car seat cover.

Antifouling coating for car seat cover.

Devlopment of water-based ink for PVC Deco sheet

IR reflective ink development.



[Research project]

Development of anti-crocking coating agent for fiber.

Developmet of Resin and Coloring Agent for aqueous dry PU sink.

Water-based coating for Automobile seat cover.

Developed eater-based coatings for automotive interior materials.

Developmet of non-hazardous industrial marking ink.