Materials Business

Offering unique & diverse processing methods for final user in various industries.

   (automobile, architecture, diplay and metal)

   Providing raw materials for large enterprises which make finished product.

Short-run production system by diverse customer needs.

Supporting small plants as technology-intensive business.

Promoting the development of environment-friendly products.

Slinghtly sensitive industry to economic conditions.




Business Coverage : Development of Parts & Materials through Fine Chemicals

Industrial Materials : Plastic, Glass, Steel Coating Agents & Inks, Colorants etc.

Architectual Materials : Complex Plastic Compounds, Colorants, Coating agents & Inks etc.

Automobile Materials : Functional Coating Agents & Inks, Colorants etc.

Advertising Materials : Digital Printing Ink, Media etc.

Electric & Display Materials : Conductive Coating agents, Light diffusion Ink etc.

(Bio&Functional Materials : Anti-Bacterial Coating agent, Hydrophilic & IR Cutting coating agents.


Major Customers



KSCB Will achieve the maximization of business through the technical superiority in various industries.

(automobile, architecture, display and metal)